Campaign Steering Group - ToRPress Release 2015
Fair Price for Care, Fair Pay for Carers



FPCFPC was formed to campaign for fair fees from Norfolk County Council so that independent care providers would be able to pay a fair wage to their employees. A major driver for the campaign was the unfairness of council owned Norsecare homes receiving far higher fees and guaranteed placements.

A successful legal challenge on the fee setting for 2015-16 forced the council to carry out a a cost of care exercise and substantially revise their fee proposals for independent homes. The legal challenge also raised awareness about the inequality and detrimental effect that NorseCare has on the care market in Norfolk as a whole. Without committing to a timescale the council has said that it is aiming for parity between all providers and that over time NorseCare provision will reduce as their older homes close and people are accommodated in their new facilities.

Whilst NIC has supported the campaign, it represents the whole of the independent sector. The steering group of FPCFPC feel that a group is needed specifically to represent the interests of older peoples care homes in Norfolk. When the issues around the current cost of care exercise are finally settled it is anticipated that FPCFPC will change into a group with a wider remit, to include other issues faced by independent care home providers although NorseCare and fees will continue to be high on the agenda until such time as we have a level playing field. Thanks very much.